Europe Is The Most Complete Region In The Global E-Commerce

According to UNCTAD, of the top ten countries with the highest e-commerce index rankings this year, Europe accounted for eight, and the Netherlands again ranked first after last year, followed by Switzerland. Asian countries Singapore and Australia occupy the remaining two seats in the top ten, ranking third and tenth.

This annual retail e-commerce index compiled by UNCTAD evaluates and ranks the supporting preparations for the development of e-commerce in 152 countries and regions around the world. The main contents examined include the coverage of Internet services, Stability, infrastructure construction work, and the proportion of the population who use the Internet and have online accounts with financial institutions.

The index shows that more than 80% of Internet users in European countries shop online, and this proportion is less than 10% in most low- and low-income countries.

The top 10 developing countries or regions in the index are all from Asia, and most of them are high-income or middle-income, including Singapore, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. Among the 20 lowest-ranking countries, 18 are the least Developed countries.

Sliemany, who is responsible for compiling the index, said that the index highlights the real gap between developed and developing countries in the field of digital technology and e-commerce, considering that the global e-commerce output value has reached 3.9 in 2017 Trillion dollars, this gap is worrying.

Currently, UNCTAD is working with the governments of the least developed countries to help them address the major obstacles to the development of e-commerce.