Earn Pocket Money With Shopify Store With Your Free Time At Home

Get your money with Shopify and enjoy your free time

The following pages prompt you to fill in your personal information, such as your name, address, and phone number, which are used to set your currency and tax rates.

When you get into the Shopify backend, it outlines a good, step-by-step step in how to fully fulfill your business. The first button will ask you to add the product, so you should first click the button.

Adding a product page is similar to what you see in WordPress. You can fill in the name, description, price, and details of the vendor. Do not hesitate to finish most of your desired product pages. Just make sure you save the product at the end.

Go back to the taskbar and select the Customize Page Layout button. This area requires you to adapt anything from logo to color. This requires some adjustments, but the main part you want to focus on is the link that asks you to visit the topic store.

Once you choose a template and design your site to your liking, you can choose a domain name to make your site live and efficient.

Go back to the taskbar and click where you want to add the domain. This will ask whether you want to convert a domain or register a new domain. Select the preferred domain name and complete the purchase steps. You also need to specify what Shopify you would like to use.

The first step in implementing the WooCommerce store is to select a hosting account that will host all of your web site files. We recommend Bluehost because it is a reliable, secure and easy to use platform that provides WordPress installation buttons with one click.

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